MY INTEREST IN PHOTOGRAPHY began many years ago after my first son Nicholas was born. As Nicholas grew up and started to play sports, I began experimenting with the new digital cameras that had begun to get popular. I always had an intense interest in sports and when I combined my children, their sports activities and a camera it all just seemed to come together naturally. From this point, I developed a passion for photographing youth sports.

What started out as a way to capture the different stages of my childrens life, has now developed into a full time job which I enjoy greatly. The joy of photographing youth sports for me is in capturing the smiles and accomplishments of the children I photograph and giving parents the opportunity to relive their childs special moments through my products and services. There’s nothing like seeing a parent or grandparent smile when I hand them a beautiful photo product of their child or grandchild.

I approach every photo assignment as if the children involved were my own and hope my final work shows my love of children, sports and photography.

Richard Pannone

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